Before Class: What Do I Need to Know

  • If you have a group of four or more please consider a Private Party.
  • Space is limited in size. Reserve your lesson in advance online or call us. Please choose a Beginner lesson. After your first beginner lesson, you may join an All Levels lesson.
  • Please arrive before the scheduled start of class. For safety reasons we prefer customers partake in the class warmup.
  • Attire: for the first few classes wear comfortable workout attire. Afterward, please wear shorts to be able to grip the pole with your thighs and any top you prefer. Avoid lotion or oils on your skin as it will make the pole slippery. You may attend class in barefoot or sock with the option to put on heels at the end.
  • Please cancel your reservation at least 2 hours in advance to receive studio credit.

During Class: What to Expect

  • Itinerary: Class will begin with a total body warmup. You’ll learn pole dancing moves on the first day. You’ll learn at your own pace and while you’re practicing the instructor will move around to teach others.
  • We do not have Levels or Series lessons to allow customers to attend lessons at your own pace and convenience.
  • Benefits: Upper body and core strength, weight loss, increased flexibility, endurance, self-awareness, and sensuality.

After Class: Now What

  • Expect to be really sore. Continue to stretch at home and plan your next workout soon to get over the soreness more quickly.
  • Reserve your next lesson in advance as space is limited. We recommend attending a few Beginner lessons before attending an All Levels lesson if your schedule permits.