PIYOLET / Hip-Hop Yoga

Before Class: What Do I Need to Know

  • We recommend reserving your class in advance however it is not required.
  • Attire: Wear comfortable workout attire and socks or barefoot.

During Class: What to Expect

  • Itinerary: PIYOLET (Pilates – Yoga – Ballet) You’ll be on your mat the entire class. Classes include low impact lower body and upper body toning drills, abdominal and core exercises and stretching.
  • Classes are for All Levels.
  • Benefits: Upper and lower body and core strength, weight loss, increased flexibility, and toning.

After Class: Now What

  • Expect to feel relaxed and encouraged.
  • For increased benefit, do not allow too much time to pass before attending your next lesson.

The energy of the instructors and the fact it doesn’t feel like I’m “working out” is what I love most about this place. I dislike working out, so I always fall off. Coming here makes me feel like I can turn this into a routine

Brooke Andrus