Everett W.


Brenham, Tx

Favorite Quote

“There’s not a real way to live this just remember to stay relentless.”

Favorite Artist


Day Job

CVS Health

I fell in love with motivating people to reach goals and not just in class but in my outside life as well, I want for everyone to grow and live their best life! The best part of class is watching customers grow and become their best selves. My routines are inspired mostly from listening to music and having that automatic vision of whatever I plan to do to a song. It makes me feel good to see the customers do the routines I practiced and practiced on.

Unapologetic moment

When I realized who I’m supposed to be in life.

Confident moment

Auditions for Inner Me! I prayed in the pole room that I wouldn’t have any fear.

How do you take care of your Inner Me

Doing what makes me HAPPY!