Twerk Classes

60 minutes classes

Learn how to pop, lock and drop it in our twerk classes which consist of private parties or workshops.  After you learn the basics of twerking we will then teach you a sassy booty shaking routine to any song of your choice.  We have workshops periodically, please call us to check the schedule or book a private party at your convenience.

It’s your party so you can be picky if you want to. Brings your fun gals and get ready to party! Our parties last 1-2 hours depending on the number of guests. Each party starts with a very short stretch, no mats needed for this, followed by a striptease routine for your warm-up before the pole action. You and your guests will spend the remainder of the time on the pole with a mini surprise at the end. And because we save the best for last, we are not telling the surprise!

During our parties you can bring your own refreshments of food and drinks. You may also bring your own music of choice or feel free to rock out to ours. We suggest you wear your sexy heels, but that is completely optional.

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