Pole Dancing Aerobics

Class Struture

We offer pole fitness classes daily in Houston, Texas. Classes are designed to build your upper body and core strength as well as increase your overall flexibility, endurance, self-awareness, and sensuality.

Each class begins with stretching, abdominal exercises and upper body conditioning, before students learn pole moves.

Students will learn 200+ pole moves, floor work, and transitions. We have a limited number of students in each class. This allows each student to receive more attention from the teacher as well as creating a safe enviornment.

Private lessons for just one or two persons are also available.

Class Registration

You should register for class in advance to guarantee admittance as we are limited to just 10 students. Late arrivals may not be allowed in the class. If you are going to be late or absent, please give notice.

If you have a large group (4 or more) please consider a private party.


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We offer Beginner Only classes once a week, otherwise classes cater to all levels. That totally benefits you! You can start your classes at your convenience and determine your own schedule. You will always learn new moves in each class, which increase in intensity as you progress at your own pace.