Aisha F

Aisha, a professional Oriental dancer, instructor, and choreographer, has over 20 years of experience in Oriental Dance (also known as Belly Dancing) including Arabic and Greek-style cabaret. Folkloric styles taught range from Egyptian, Persian Gulf States, Tunisia, Turkey, and Greece. Aisha gives a complete breakdown of each step taught. She strives to teach the students correct posture, breathing techniques, and how to avoid injuries while having fun and burning calories. Watch Aisha on YouTube


Antoinette J

Antoinette has been leading 24 Hour Fitness members through group spin exercise activities in a classroom setting since October 2014. She educates participants about useful and safe exercises, assists them in achieving exercise goals and creates a fun and challenging workout environment for all populations pursuant to the 24 Hour Fitness Standards of Excellence. Besides spinning, Antoinette’s true passion is road cycling and just recently triathlons. Antoinette has completed 5 triathlon sprints and is currently training for a triathlon Olympic which will motivate her to compete in an Iron Man Race soon.

Ashlynn M

Ashlynn was born and raised in Mississippi where she went to college and earned two Bachelor degrees in Engineering. Later she moved to Houston in 2007 and obtained a MS in Engineering at the University of Houston. After completion of her graduate degree she picked up pole and has been addicted ever since. Ashlynn started poling for fitness in 2010, and became a pole instructor at InnerMe Studios in 2012.  Ashlynn or “Miss Bootylicious” likes to promote a healthy self esteem, confidence, and sexiness for all womankind. During the day, Ashlynn works as an engineer in the oil and gas Industry. But at night…… Well, you have to come to the class to find out! See you there!!

Brandi B

Brandi Bell started pole dancing in May 2007, 8 months after having her little boy. She was looking for a way to lose some weight while having fun. She loved the confidence and strength she gained pole dancing so much that in 2008 she started teaching. Brandi is a silly fun teacher who likes to make people laugh. She listens to a variety of music but loves dancing to slow thick music. Watch Brandi on YouTube

Chi N


Chi (Chioma) is originally from Akron, Ohio, where she indirectly began her path to yoga as a competitive tennis player. Always curious, her adventurous nature and playful mind led her to participate in several half marathons, two marathons, a 250 mile running relay, and a 180 mile bike ride around the Galveston Bay, all in no particular order.
While yoga made guest appearances in Chi’s life for many years, it became a permanent fixture in 2009. Walking along New York City’s Henry Hudson Parkway in 2009, she saw yogis practicing outdoors. Without a yoga mat in her hand or the proper attire, she joined the yogis simply because her inner child thought it was “cool”.
Five years later she signed up for a 200 hour teacher training, at YogaOne studios, in Houston, TX, and has not looked back. Chi continues to unlock her potential, in her yoga practice and life, by maintaining an open mind, continuing to learn, and evolving through workshops, readings, and classes. Chi is also a Crossfit Level 1 trainer (certified 2012).
Mya W

As a Houston native, Mya has danced for Bellaire eMotion Dance Company, studied ballet at Bandbury School of Dance, and frequently performs with Urban Souls Dance Company. Mya is talented in many forms of dance including modern, ballet, and contemporary with her favorite being voguing! At Inner Me Mya teaches Stiletto Fit, Chair Dancing and Pole Dancing. Watch Mya W YouTube

Dominique E

Dominique was invited to come to a hip-hop yoga class back in 2015 at Inner-Me studios for the first time. After that one class, she signed up for the 30 days pass and it has been history ever since. Dominique regularly started going to Urban Aerobics, Zumba, Hip Hop Yoga and Bootcamp every week and fell in love! She loves the friendly environment, convenient times, and how the classes are challenging yet FUN at the same time. Always having a passion for fitness, Dominique had auditioned to become the first instructor in 2016 for Step Aerobics.

Prior to coming to Inner me, Dominique taught Step Aerobics for over 2 years at the University of Houston Recreation Center. She loves that teaching group fitness is something she can continue and incorporate into her everyday life. Dominique wants to bring a fun yet effective class to those who are looking for a great workout!

Donnie J

Houston native, Donnie, has been dancing since 2000. He received his BFA in dance from Lamar University.  He has been a member of Urban Souls Dance Company since 2007. He is experienced in all forms of dance. At the studio Donnie teaches Contemporary Dance and Hip Hop Dance. Donnie likes to allow the music to move the class. You will walk out feeling like you are an experienced technical dancer. He also loves to take video of his classes and post it to his youtube channel, so the customers can always review their progress. Watch Donnie on YouTube

Drew Y

Drew started dancing classical ballet as a child. While she will always love ballet she never felt that ballet dance allowed her to express herself in the way that she wanted. In 2012 she found pole dancing. “I was in a dark place in my life. I wasn’t working out, I was insecure and shy, and my then boyfriend (now husband) was on a deployment in Afghanistan. I needed to pull myself out of a slump. I tried pole on a whim, and truly fell in love with dance for the first time. Pole dancing awakened a part of my sole that I never thought possible. It combined grace and athleticism with my own natural sensuality. I got something out of pole that I had never from ballet.” In 2015 Drew started teaching pole dancing in California at Unveiled Fitness. “I can’t wait to share my experience and love of pole with the students of Inner Me.”

Jamal B

Native of Houston, Tx, Jamal managed to acquire a very extensive resume in martial arts while studying at Texas Southern University. Jamal is a 5 time Texas State Champion and a 2 time National Champion. He was also a 2 year member of the USA Olympic Karate Team. As one of the top karate fighters in the world, he has fought in numerous US and international competitions. For the past 7 years, Jamal has been implementing his own personal world-level drills with his clients.

As a certified personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach, and world class athlete Jamal knows what it takes to get the optimum results. The programs that Jamal puts together have taken a person with no athletic ability and transformed them to a three year member of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. He has also trained members of the Houston Aeros dance team and several professional athletes. Currently Jamal is a soldier in the US Army.

Jocelyn S

Jocelyn is a native Houstonian who learned to dance before she could walk. Jocelyn started dancing at the age of 18 months and has been trained in ballet, tap, and jazz. She is also a competitive ballroom dancer in the rising star international ten dance division and frequents showcases and exhibitions.

Jocelyn graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration and went on to earn her medical degree from UTMB Galveston. Jocelyn (or “Dr. J” as her patients call her) is a Board Certified internal medicine doctor with a focus on sports medicine, wellness and preventative medicine.  She also specializes in women’s health. To Dr. J, exercise is absolutely the best medicine anyone can take. She has been poling since 2010 and can’t get enough! Jocelyn may be a doctor by day, but she will always be a dancer at heart.

Jocelyn teaches pole aerobics and is excited to give you a prescription for a healthier, fitter you! Watch Jocelyn on YouTube

Julie Z

As an aspiring law student and former beauty queen, Julie’s passion for sports and fitness never diminishes. She was raised a martial artist and has acquired numerous gold medal championships both nationally and internationally. Throughout her 13 years of training, Julie earned recognition and trained under some of the martial arts industry’s most prestigious coaches, including Li Junfeng and Xue Yi – the same masters who have trained action stars Jet Li, Jackie Wu and Donnie Yen.

Julie’s passion for martial arts has led her to find interest in all types of sports and athletics. She is also an advanced hip-hop dancer and yogi. She is currently training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Kacee R

Kacee says “I was born and raised in Houston and I always had a passion for dance and sports. I’m a mom of two boys and they keep me very busy and active. I discovered Zumba in 2012 and fell in love!! It doesn’t even feel like exercise once that music turns on my body gets to moving. It is an all body work out that will get you results. Zumba is my therapy!!”

Kaylen G

Kaylen Gonzalez is an active performer and coach with Cirque La Vie. Her specialty is corde lisse and stilt walking. Becoming intensively involved in the circus world, she studies all aspects of what it means to be a circus performer both in the air and on the ground. She continues to grow and expand her knowledge of circus by training on aerial silks, trapeze, corde lisse, acrobatics and contortion.

Kaylen loves to have fun and is very energetic. She loves to push her students and watch them grow into circus lovers.

Kelly T


Kelly has been perfecting pole art since 2012. Her passion for pole shines through her teaching, where she ensures that all students leave with beautiful technique, innovative moves, and a thirst for more. She loves challenging her students to do things they’ve never dreamed of. Watch Kelly on YouTube
Lauren C

Lauren Collins is a Houston Native. She earned her bachelors in Exercise Science with a minor in Dance from the University of Texas Austin. She received her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. Lauren has had a life long passion for dance, and started her training at the age of 7. She has received training in many different forms of the art including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and Hip- Hop among others. During her time in Austin she danced and choreographed for UT Austin’s STEEL contemporary dance company as well as Ballet Afrique Austin Contemporary dance company.

In recent years Lauren has taken a break from the dance world to pursue her other passions of holistic health and wellness. She is excited to blend her two passions as she gets back into teaching, and hopes to inspire others to both express themselves creatively and reach their fitness goals.

Nicole H


Originally from East St. Louis Illinois, Nicole was raised in Houston where she became a nationally ranked track athlete. Loving sports and training, she became a personal fitness instructor in 2005 and used her taekwondo skills to start a fierce boot camp. She is currently the owner of a healthy eating cafe called Conscious Cafe. Always smiling and answering everyone in ma’am, or sir Nicole loves what she does. Don’t let that innocent smile fool you. She is hardcore and brings it every single class!
Nicole P

Raised in Houston, Nicole left for college and has lived in Atlanta, Charlotte, New York City, Philadelphia and Spain. Over the years and in the many of the cities she has lived, Nicole always flocked to group classes at the gym, her favorite was Cardio Step. Once she discovered Pole Dancing for fitness while living in Philadelphia she knew she wanted to share her new love with her hometown. In 2009, she spent countless hours at Poise Dance Studio in Philadelphia learning all the amazing pole moves that are taught there. Starting with no previous dance or gymnastics experience, she knows how the beginners feel. Her dance is very sensual and sexy. Nicole was a Corporate Finance Analyst & Associate in her previous life, and is now a Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Rebecca T

Rebecca is a native Houstonian. She started ballet and gymnastics at the age of 7. She was a competitive gymnast into her teens and also trained at the Houston Ballet Academy. While she took a break from the arts in high school and college to pursue water polo, the craving for dance and acrobatics came back and she tried her first pole dancing class in Montreal in December of 2010. She has been hooked ever since!

Rebecca is currently in medical school at the University of Texas and swears that physical activity, especially pole dancing, is one of the best stress relievers. She loves to teach and see the looks on her students’ faces when they achieve their goals and learn new moves. Try her class and let her show you the awesome things your body is capable of! Watch Rebecca on YouTube

Renee A

Is a military brat originally born in Germany, but raised in Massachusetts and Texas. After entering the military as a combat medic with the 82nd Airborne division in 2007 through 2011, she settled in Houston with her husband to raise a family and to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Three kids later, it was time to get back to sexy. She happened upon Inner Me Studios in November 2013 and has been mesmerized by pole dancing ever since. Watch Renee on YouTube

Reyie D

Reyie is a native from Monterrey Mexico who studied dance and modeling in Houston Texas, Appearing in numerous events, commercials and TV shows both nationally and internationally. In 2009 Reyie was accepted into Canada’s Ecole National du Cirque and graduated from The New England Center For Circus Arts as a circus artist. Given opportunities to work for Nimble Arts, Vault, Cirque Imagination, Diavolo Dance Theater and Cirque du Soleil. Reyie Has been named the Founder of a Circus Apparatus called Flooring and has earned awards such as audience favorite, most entertaining and best choreography for his show REVER.

Having worked as a coach for Le Petit Cirque and Cirque du Soleil’s out-reach program Cirque du Monde along with other companies, Reyie lives in Houston Texas focusing on the studies and teachings of Partner Work, Flooring, and Character work Reyie Delgado is currently a certified coach for Cirque Du Soleil’s social circus program Cirque Du Monde helping and empowering at-risk youth through circus arts.

Reyie is the founder of Cique La Vie.

Roger A

Hailing from New Orleans, Roger has been a dance enthusiast since the age of 12, and after he took his first class at SoReal. Dancing is his “love”, it goes through everything with him and the choreography is just the art of him that is layed out on the floor.

He has been teaching choreography since 2009 and has had the privilege of dancing with a few famous choreographers and dancers like Travis Wall, Andrew Baterina, Misha Gabriel Hamilton, Team Millennia, SoReal Cru and many more. He has also had the opportunity to come out in the movie Step Up 4 Revolution! His dancing styles are hip hop, salsa and Latin music. He is a certified CrossFit Trainer and also has a passion for fixing up cars and motorcycles, so you might see his car around sometime.

“Whether your happy, sad, mad or whatever, dancing is a way to turn your emotion into a movement and paint YOUR art on the floor” -Mr. K2 Watch Roger on YouTube

Roslyn B

Roslyn Bazzelle aka Roz is the creator and President of PIYOLET, LLC. Roslyn began taking ballet classes at the age of four and continued her dance training with pointe, tap, jazz, and gymnastics for a period of fourteen years. While attending Hampton University, Roslyn broadened her dance background in modern dance courses. Roslyn is a certified group fitness instructor through the American Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and has received training and certifications for pilates and yoga through AFAA and 24 Hour Fitness. Watch PIYOLET on YouTube

Sole G

Sole Guerra is originally from Mexico where she started dancing salsa, meringue and jazz as a child. She cannot live without music and dance and truly believes they are the best therapy. She discovered Zumba in 2011. “It is the best workout that you can try. While you are dancing and having fun you are sweating and actually dropping pounds!” She is a food lover and private chef. Her latest culinary passion is healthy cooking. She is a Zumba Certified and also Yoga certified at 200 hours.

Takeya G

Takeya is originally from Chicago and relocated to Houston in 2014. She went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she received her bachelors in Chemical Engineering. Growing up Takeya has always been heavy into sports and always had an interest in dancing. But with her heavy sports training, she could never find time to explore it. She discovered Inner Me Studios in early 2015 and has been hooked ever since.

Upon joining the studio, she lost 35lbs and went on to pursue certification to teach group exercise classes. She is extremely passionate about health and fitness for herself and for others. She will use her love for dance and fitness to make her classes high energy and so fun that you won’t even know you are working out.


Tony’s style is seamless and smooth, it’s like riding a wave. He has been dancing professionally and performing since age 13. His dance repertoire includes salsa, merengue, cha-cha, cumbia, bachata, modern, ballet, tap, jazz, flamenco, Argentine tango, Zumba, afro-latin. He continues to dance for the sheer joy.

Trish A

Trish first came to Inner Me in 2011 when a friend persuaded her to take the Ciara “Ride” video workshop. From that experience, Trish fell in love with the atmosphere and challenged herself with taking hip hop, stiletto fit, chair classes, and other workshops regularly. Almost a year later after her very first class, she auditioned and became one of Inner Me’s instructors. Trish now teaches various class types including Nightclub Cardio, Stiletto Fit, & Chair. Trish wants those taking her class to be challenged, have fun, and to help people find confidence in themselves through dance and music. When she’s not dancing, Trish works as a Commodities and Trade Analyst in the oil and gas industry. Watch Trish on YouTube 

Yasmine E

Yasmine has been dancing, choreographing and performing since 2008. In college, she performed with the Paul Taylor Modern dance company and at the repertory dance concerts. As a professional dancer, she has experience with performing overseas for the troops as well as cheerleading for the NFL and dancing for the NBA.

She specializes in modern, contemporary and jazz. Yasmine has cheered and served as captain for both the AFL2- Arena Football squad and The Houston Energy. She believes it is important for every person to feel both sexy and beautiful while dancing. In 2015 Yasmine added Zumba to her resume.

Yasmine double minored in Dance and Nutrition and graduated with her bachelor’s degree is in Science. Watch Yasmine on YouTube