Self Defense and Nutrition Workshop this Week


Monday. April 15th
7:30pm - 9:00pm
$20 per person
REGISTER HERE (space is limited)


Care about your health and your well being!! This workshop will focus on self-control and self-awareness to protect yourself should a dangerous situation ever arise. Key items will include rape prevention, security awareness, effective strike zones and much more.

Instructor William Solomon
William holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt and has been studying Martial Arts for over 21 years. He specializes in Self Defense and Awareness. He has provided security for LL Cool J, Beyonce, Jay Z, Diddy, Mike Tyson, Princess Sara of Sadi Arabia, Dr. Michael Brown and more. William has also trained a number of national Tae-kwon Do champions.

Wednesday. April 17
7:30pm - 8:45pm
$10 per person
REGISTER HERE (space is limited)

Nike Air Max 90 Hamburger

So you are working out in your stride, doing your thang and sweating to the max huh?!? But you're not seeing much result!

How are your eating habits? Are you familiar with nutrients needed pre workout and post workout? Are your snacks sufficient? Are you taking in enough daily calories? When was the last time you calculated your Body Mass Index? Do you know where you stand on the fitness chart?

If you have trouble answering any of the questions above, this workshop is designed for you!!
Fitness trainer, TerryTheTrainer will be here to give you advice to lead you to greatness and answer all of your questions so please bring them. Pole instructor and doctor, Jocelyn, will also be here to calculate your BMI.
Instructor @TerryTheTrainer
Terry Williams is a Houston-based certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Teaching everything from kickboxing formats to core performance circuits and intense athletic movement classes like plyometrics, he brings a unique, creative and diverse edge to the group exercise experience. His teaching is backed by upbeat music mixes and a dynamic, entertaining style of of high energy motivation, and his knowledge is backed by a masters degree in Health & Human Performance. When Terry isn't teaching in a class, he's teaching fitness enthusiasts worldwide, working as a published health writer for (the world's largest web-based health information source, with distribution to over 80 million viewers).

Instructor Jocelyn Szeto
Jocelyn started dancing at the age of 18 months and has been trained in ballet, tap, and jazz. Jocelyn graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration and went on to earn her medical degree from UTMB Galveston. Jocelyn (or “Dr. J” as her patients call her) is a Board Certified internal medicine doctor with a focus on sports medicine, wellness and preventative medicine, and women’s health. To Dr. J, exercise is absolutely the best medicine anyone can take. Jocelyn teaches pole aerobics and is excited to give you your prescription for a healthier, fitter you!

Open House - Friday, April 12
5:45pm - 7:00pm

Series - Fridays beginning April 19
5:45pm - 7:00pm
5 Week Series

REGISTER HERE (space is limited)

ballet_by_thelonestheart d35ealn

Get ready to point your toes and experience this lovely technique and style of dance. This class will be offered as a series and is open to all levels.

Please wear ballet shoes or suitable socks.

Ballet will allow you to Shed Fat & Tone Muscles because every inch of your muscles are actively engaged in the movements. Ballet also Improves Your Posture for the basic requirement of ballet is to have a neutral stance with the spine straightened and hips "squared", this posture is going to have a "spill-over" effect on your day-to-day posture. An improved posture can also help reduce pain stemming from muscular-skeletal dysfunction.

Series - Tuesdays beginning April 23
6:45pm - 8:00pm
5 Week Series (week 6 is free)
Makeup session is included in week 6

REGISTER HERE (space is limited)


You will be amazed at the benefits of this class and regardless of where your current flexibility level is, you will become more bendy. If your goal is to become more flexible for fitness, balance, or pole dancing, you will love this class! Stretching and good flexibility help to improve coordination, ease back pain (especially in the lower back), enhance blood flow to your muscles (resulting in more energy and less muscle fatigue), and help to provide you with a better quality of life. If done properly, stretching even helps relax both your mind and body. The class will primarily target your back, legs, hip and shoulders.


As many of you know, Inner Me Studios recently began day classes and now you have even more reasons to get fit! Our day classes are perfect for you if you are too busy for our evening classes or if you prefer even smaller class sizes.

This sale is to lure you in to our Daytime ME Classes. Please walk-in to any of the classes below and just pay $4 at the door each time for the month of April! Please bring cash.

fit_girl_crunches 1

Save BIG!
$15 $4 any ME Class below (sale ends 4.30.13)
If you are a member, Day Classes are included in your membership.

Tuesdays 12:00pm - 12:45pm: URBAN KICKBOXING
Wednesdays 11:45am - 12:45pm: CHAIR DANCING
Thursdays 11:45am - 12:45pm: HIP HOP YOGA / PIYOLET (PIlates-YOga-balLET)

Classes must be used by 4.30.13. Available for purchase only at studio (please bring cash). Only the classes listed above are available for use. Purchases are non transferable to evening/weekend classes. Pole Dancing Aerobics is not included. No limit on purchases.

About Inner Me Studios
Inner Me Studios is a unique and hip Midtown Houston, TX based group fitness and dance studio for men and women. Inner Me Studios is committed to providing Houston with a hip, fun, calorie burning and body changing fitness experiences that appeal to a range of ages and takes pride in ensuring classes are created with the utmost knowledge of the benefits and muscles themselves. We offer innovative and trendy fitness classes that make exercising exciting and interesting.

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