More Deep Stretching and Ballet Options


The regular schedule will begin Monday, 9.16.2013. 

The class schedule is posted. View the Schedule.

The teachers are the same at both locations with a sprinkle of new instructors.  

Clients can take classes at both locations so take advantage!!

Deep Stretching / Contortion

Tuesdays, 6:45pm - 8:00pm (617 Richmond Ave)

Saturdays, 10:00am - 11:15am (5901 Hillcroft St)


The class is no longer a series class! You can choose to take your classes at both locations at the times above. Start the class whenever you like.

New clients to this class can try 2 classes for only $39! If you are returning client to the studio but have never taken this class you can also buy the New Client Special.

Returning clients also save by purchasing the membership!

Pricing Options

$39, 2 classes (expires in 30 days) - *New Client Special*

$137.50, 5 classes (expires in 60 days)

$89 Monthly AutoPay, 4 classes to use within 30 days, each additonal class is only $13. (requires 3 month commitment)

You will be amazed at the benefits of this class and regardless of where your current flexibility level is, you will become more bendy. If your goal is to become more flexible for fitness, balance, or pole dancing, you will love this class! Stretching and good flexibility help to improve coordination, ease back pain (especially in the lower back), enhance blood flow to your muscles (resulting in more energy and less muscle fatigue), and help to provide you with a better quality of life. If done properly, stretching even helps relax both your mind and body. The class will primarily target your back, legs, hip and shoulders.

Ballet All Levels

Mondays, 7:15pm - 8:30pm (5901 Hillcroft St)

Wednesdays 5:45pam - 7:00pm (617 Richmond Ave)

$45 - 5 classes


The class is no longer a series class! You can choose to take your classes at both locations at the times above. Start the class whenever you like.

Get ready to point your toes and experience this lovely technique and style of dance. This class is open to all levels. Please wear ballet shoes or suitable socks.

Ballet will allow you to Shed Fat & Tone Muscles because every inch of your muscles are actively engaged in the movements. Ballet also Improves Your Posture for the basic requirement of ballet is to have a neutral stance with the spine straightened and hips "squared", this posture is going to have a "spill-over" effect on your day-to-day posture. An improved posture can also help reduce pain stemming from muscular-skeletal dysfunction.

More Workshops this Week

All workshops at 5901 Hillcroft St. All workshops are 2 hours.

$25 per workshop

$45 for 2 workshops, per client

$60 for 3 workshops, per client

(Purchases are non-transferrable.  Purchases cannot be shared.)  


Twerk Team - 7:00pm

Instructor: Donnie

Song: Twerk it by Busta Rhymes

Learn to drop it, pop it and shake it!


Body Party - 6:00pm

Instructor: Scooter

Becoming a very popular workshop. Ciara’s latest hit and sexiest video thus far. Learn the official video routine to the video. Please bring a loose button shirt to dance with.

Compare the Official Video to our Student Video.

Dance for You - 8:00pm

Instructor: Donnie

By far our most popular workshop! Learn the official video routine to the video.

Compare the Official Video to our Student Video.

*NEW* Beyonce MegaMix - 4:00pm

Instructor(s): Quincy / Scooter

In celebration of Beyonce Bday we crafted a special workshop highlighting all her best dance moves and hottest hits into one workshop!!

Ciara Ride - 6:15pm

Instructor: Donnie

We kicking it old school for the workshop finale. Let’s see how many of you remember the moves!

Compare the Official Video to our Student Video


Please register in advance as space is limited. For New and Existing clients. Workshops must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance to receive class credit only.


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