Motion and Energy : Flexibility, Cardio Lessons & Dance Classes in Houston

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Developed to provide strength and tone to your core stabilization muscles. Inner Me's classes are for all levels, however, they are designed so each member will reach their fullest potential. Absolutely no previous experience is required. Age, size and shape do not matter


These classes are designed to tone your body, strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance. Abdominal workouts are included in each class, but we also welcome you to bring boxing or MMA gloves to take advantage of our punching bags.


If you want a fun, fast-paced workout, our dance classes are for you! Gain lean muscles, a toned body, and flat abs as you shake and bounce your way into shape over the course of up to 90 minutes.


Want to get into the splits? Increase your flexibility? In need of more stretching? If you've ever found yourself saying yes to these questions, this group of classes is calling. Abdominal exercises are also a part of the class as we understand the desire for a smaller midsection.